A useful guide

Welcome to our wedding photography guide for making your photos amazing and memorable.

Hello! If you have chosen us to photograph your wedding then that is completely amazing… thank you!!

Most people now ask us what happens next so we put together this guide to being photographed by us. It should cover everything but if there is something missing that’s on your mind do just give us a shout…

Cheers, Seb & Dave.


Things you need to tell us once you have booked us
Which package
Planning for photography during the day
Key shots we always take
Pre-wedding shoots (pre-shoots)

Things you need to tell us once you have booked us

We will need to know the following things straight away:

– The package you have chosen.

– Your current postal address. (so we can send the paperwork to you)

We will need to know these things a little closer to the wedding:

– Addresses on the day (especially the post codes) of anywhere we may be expected to  visit during the time we are photographing  you.

– Times. We will need  to know the time that you will be starting to get ready in the morning and the time of the ceremony.  Other times for the day are helpful  but less  critical than the first two.

– A rough idea of how many group shots you may be wanting so we can help you allocate time.

– Any ideas you have for very specific or special shots that would not be covered by our normal reportage style or that are not mentioned in the approximate shot list (see Key Shots We Always Take)

Other than that we are usually happy to turn up on the day and start shooting with minimal briefing – it tends to be how we work best!

Which Package?

The first thing we need to know is what package you have decided to go for. Most couples have decided at this stage but just in case you’re still thinking it over, why not give Dave a call on 07967 834997.

If our packages don’t quite tie up with what you are looking for just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you.


We ask for a 10% deposit to be paid when the contract is signed and returned. This can be paid by cheque or BACS payment. All the relevant information on how to pay is set out at the bottom of the contract.


Once you have decided which package you want to go for we will send the appropriate contract and package details to you so we will need your postal address.

Do have a good read of the contract and make sure you are happy with it. Getting our i’s dotted and t’s crossed will help prevent any miscommunication and ensure we all  understand the services we provide and (more importantly) that you’re paying for.

There will be two copies of the contract. Please sign and return one in the envelope provided and keep the other for your records.

If for any reason you need us to send you a digital copy of the contract do just email. We can send it to you as a  PDF.

We are always happy discuss any aspect of the contract.