We’ll all we can say is, it’s great to be back behind the lens after months of uncertainty in these very strange times. Dave and I have been keeping positive and active, spending time surfing, paddle boarding, camping and generally being at one with nature generally keeping a healthy and happy outlook on life. So when we received a call from our friend and bride Hannah asking if we could take some family photos by the river at Tuckton, we were more than happy to oblige.

We love the late summer dusk light and the local river is the perfect place to capture the evening colours.

I decided I would only use 2 lenses due to the timing and the fading light. The 70-200mm for the reach and canons 85mm for the tighter shots. The latter being my all-time favourite lens, especially at f1.2.

The idea of a new-born family shoot for us is very much how we would photograph an engagement shoot. No props or studio lighting, just friends having fun and photographed from a distance allowing the clients to relax and be themselves without having to work close up and personal.

The shoot took a little over an hour due to a tired baby but it was no problem, little Edward was the star of the day.

So here’s a few images from the evening, like I said to get back behind the lens was a real joy and with the government guidelines being relaxed on the wedding industry we hope to see you all in the very near future.


Seb & Dave


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